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Cocker spaniel smiling on a bridge during a photo shoot at Parc Sama, Cambrils, Tarragona

your investment

The investment you make will depend entirely on the artwork that you choose for your home. The choice is yours. I offer different types of sessions and à la carte artwork, to precisely suit your needs. During our initial consultation we will chat about how you see yourself living with the photographs of your doggy soulmate, and how I can help make that happen. I am totally transparent with my pricing, and there are no hidden costs. 

The initial consultation comes with no obligation whatsoever, and I will leave you with all the information you need to reflect upon in your own time. Once you have decided to book your session, only then will you pay your session fee to secure the date.​

All session prices include a credit amount which can be used towards products of your choice.

the sessions

The Playdate Session

€495 - including €250 product credit

  • Up to two hours' photography session in a location that suits you and your dog.

  • Choose a natural park, urban adventure, or a doggy-friendly beach - anything goes!

  • Includes €250 of credit to spend on any product.

Boxer puppy on a dog photography shoot, Tarragona, Catalonia

The Adventure Session

€995 - including €500 product credit

  • Up to five hours' hiking with photography session.

  • Choose a difficulty level that suits you and your dog.

  • The pace will be leisurely as we stop often for photos!

  • Bring water and snacks for you and your pup.

  • Includes €500 of credit to spend on any product.

Andorra Location Scout #1-2084-edit853.jpg

The Limited Edition Session

Cocker spaniel sitting on a bridge having a photo shoot in Mora d'Ebre, Catalonia

from €99 - including digital image

  • Single-date event with a pre-allocated 15-20 minute time slot for your dog.

  • Specific theme, eg seasonal holidays, treat catching, dogs in hats...

  • 50% of session fee goes to the advertised dog-related charity (may vary with event).

  • Includes one social media-sized digital image.


wall art

The finest quality products, hand-made in Italy. I have the experience to advise on the most flattering finish for any given image and where it will be displayed. Artwork is then prepared with the finest attention to detail in the digital darkroom before being sent for production. On arrival, it will be inspected for quality control before being hand-delivered to your home. We will even hang it for you, free of charge!


Prints can be either board-mounted for a clean finish, or presented with matts for a more traditional look. Either way, they are the perfect solution if you would like a selection of smaller images, ready for you to frame and hang, or to display on a desk or coffee table.

albums and boxes

My albums and story boxes are a wonderful way of showcasing a collection of images in your home. I will guide you through choosing images that tell a story, to give you a keepsake full of memories that you will treasure forever. 

Whichever option you choose, the incredible customisation options mean that it will complement your home decor wonderfully and provide a conversation piece for your guests.


For every piece of wall art you order larger than 60cm you will receive its high-resolution digital file as a gift. If you wish to purchase more, they are also available in packs, starting from three images.

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