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about Fiona

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Yes, I should probably have a proper headshot done, but this is far more "me". Hair a mess, out in nature with a dog or five, camera in hand, a backpack crammed with gear and treats, and a smile on my face. 

Hi! I'm Fiona, Chief Cheese Dispenser here at Happy Tales Photography. Originally from the UK, I moved to Andorra for skiing and love, and never looked back! My husband and I now also own a little slice of tranquility in the countryside of southern Catalonia, so I cover the whole region as a dog photographer.

What else would you like to know? Here are some highlights:

  • I'm a qualified canine behaviourist with multiple "problem dogs" of my own, so, believe me, I've seen it all before!

  • I love spending my time outdoors in nature. Hiking in the mountains and laying my hands on trees brings me peace.

  • I used to be a kickboxing instructor, and a ski teacher.

  • I've never read Old Yeller. I'm pretty sure it would destroy me.

  • I like wine. Red in the winters, a dry rosé in the summers.

  • I enjoy cooking for friends and always make FAR too much food.

  • My party tricks include rolling my tongue into a clover leaf shape and doing an awesome impression of a monkfish.

the gang


Willow and Shadow

The terrible twins! These guys ended up with me after I happened, by chance, to be present at their birth. That was rather a baptism of fire, as the dam needed help opening all the sacs, and that somehow fell to me. After that experience, how could I not end up with one - and one became two!

Everyone mixes these two up, since we obviously named the yellow boy Shadow. Of course!


Ginny and Luna

Ginny, my bat-eared tripawd, ended up with us after we spent time with her whilst volunteering at the local shelter. She had a severely damaged leg which the shelter couldn't afford to treat, and was one of the long-timers, having spent around ten years there. She came home with us, we chopped her leg off (at a veterinary hospital!), and she's never been happier. Queen of the Sofa.

Luna, aka Squidge, lives up to the stereotype of all chocolate Labs being bonkers, and I adore her for it!


Talia and Bella

Talia is another long-time shelter dog we adopted, along with her kennel mate, Nisha, both of whom had been there for over eleven years and were terrified of people. We sadly had to say goodbye to Nisha shortly afterwards, as she was suffering from multiple cancers. I'm still working with gaining Talia's trust, but she now sleeps on the bed and enjoys occasional ear scratches.

Bella came to us as a foster. She suffered a terrible accident which left her with no tail as well as toileting issues from the trauma, but she is a typical, fun-loving cocker spaniel who wins hearts wherever she goes. So much so, she is now a permanent member of the crew!

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