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if this sounds like you...

"No-one loves their dog as much as I love MY dog!"

"Don't tell the kids, but my dog is my favourite."

"How nice to meet you, let me show you some pictures of my dog."

"My dog makes the cutest noises in his sleep. I want to smother my partner when they snore, but my dog's sleepy noises make my heart sing."

"My dog just did the most disgusting thing. She's HILARIOUS!"

"My dog is my friend, my family, my partner in crime, and will want for nothing!"

"It's my dog's birthday, time to bake him a cake!"

"I need a new phone. This one is full of dog pictures."

"I can't bear the thought of a life without my dog."

... you're my kind of people

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Join the Happy Tales family with some exquisite artwork to celebrate the most important person in your life: your dog!

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how I can help you

Your dog comes first

As a qualified canine behaviourist with years of experience working with anxious and boisterous dogs, you can rest assured that I will make this a safe, fun, and positive experience for your furry friend.

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Safety is a priority

If your dog can't be let off leash, no problem. Many of my photos are taken with the dog on lead for safety: through the magic of the digital darkroom, it can then be retouched out during post processing. Your dog's safety is my absolute priority.


Hooligan schmooligan

This probably goes without saying, but as well as knowing dogs, I also love them! Jump on my head, slobber on my equipment, pee on my leg... it's all part of the fun! Your dog's not naughty, just a comedian with perfect timing!


As you like it

Whether you choose a shoot in a local park, or an adventure day hiking the mountains,, your photography session will be built around you. Creating artwork you will love of the dog you adore. An experience with memories that will last a lifetime.


Your dog can!

Don't have a perfect sit/stay? Think your dog can't pose? Don't worry! With years of experience photographing shelter dogs with no training at all, I guarantee I can capture beautiful moments of even the most cheeky or shy dog!


Goosebumps guaranteed

I'm so confident you'll love the images we create together that, if for whatever reason you're not totally satisfied with the photographs, I will offer you a reshoot totally free of charge. 


how it works



Planning session

Once you get in touch, we'll organise a time when we can get together, either in person or on Zoom to talk about what you'd like to achieve, and, most importantly, to get to know the star of the show!
Let me put your mind at rest about any concerns you may have - let me assure you, I've seen it all before! - and we'll come up with a plan together of how best to showcase your beloved dog in a way that shows off their true character to create some beautiful artwork.


Photography session

The fun part! The day of the shoot, where we'll spend a playful hour or two together capturing those priceless expressions that make them the precious nugget that they are.
Are they an all-action hero? A princess in a tiara? Whatever their character, this is where we make the magic happen. There's no rush, no stress. We let the dog lead the pace of the session to get those truly authentic moments.


Ordering appointment

Either in person or on Zoom, I will reveal the images from your shoot, and we will work together to choose which ones speak to you the most and work for the products you want, whether that's a statement wall art piece, a beautiful album, or maybe a combination of pieces. I'll help you every step of the way, from helping you visualise what sizes work best, to choosing the best finish for your particular artwork in your home.



Wooh! This is it! After choosing your artwork in the ordering session, I will have waved my magic wand and added my special type of sparkle to your images in my digital darkroom. I use only the highest quality professional printing labs to create the finished pieces, and this is where you get to see them for the first time. I can guarantee it's as exciting for me as it is for you! Delivered by hand, with a free hanging service if you choose, I can't wait to see these beautiful products on display in your home.

Schedule a chat today


Just like little Bella here, I promise I don't bite, so if you're ready to book, or simply want a free, no-obligation chat, click below to get in touch. No hard sells - ever! - just compassion, a sense of humour, and love for dogs.

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